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Australian PM pledges to reduce atmospheric emissions by 2030

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said Australia has set a target to reduce emissions into the atmosphere to 43% of 2005 emissions by 2030.

“What we’re doing is figuring out what a good policy looks like. A similar policy is a target index of 43 per cent by 2030,” The Australian reported, citing sources in Albanese.

The report pointed out that Albanese has sent a letter to the United Nations setting out the above-mentioned climate goals.

A new analysis released at last year’s UN COP26 climate summit shows Australia’s coal-fired power generation produces the world’s largest greenhouse gas emissions per capita. Since countries signed the landmark Paris Agreement in 2015, Australia has emitted 5.34 tonnes of carbon dioxide per capita annually, more than South Korea (3.81 tonnes), South Africa (3.19 tonnes), the US (3.08 tonnes) and China (2.71 tonnes).