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Japan-US-Australia-India Energy Ministers Meeting to Discuss New Energy Cooperation

International Business News  –  According to Japanese media news, Japan, the United States, Australia and India “Quad” energy ministers meeting held in Australia on the 13th, the parties agreed on cooperation in the development of hydrogen, ammonia and other new generation of energy to promote the future of energy security policy. The meeting was attended by the Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Koichi Hagiota, who revealed the above news at a press conference held after the meeting.

In conjunction with the meeting, Hagita also held separate meetings with U.S. Energy Secretary Granholm and the Australian minister, among others, to request increased production and stable supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Hagiyota stressed that “the (U.S. and Australia) understand” and responded positively to the Japanese position, which is concerned about the inability to import Russian-produced LNG in a stable manner.

Hydrogen and ammonia have the characteristic of not emitting carbon dioxide (CO2) when burned, and the Japanese government has proposed a policy of actively using them. The meeting also agreed on cooperation for the popularization of technologies that contribute to energy supply, such as storage batteries.

At the press conference, Hagiyota said that the stable supply of energy has become a global issue and elaborated on the significance of the consensus, saying that“it will help to alleviate concerns about supply disruptions.”